Rotary cell culture system (RCCS)

RCCS is a unique bioreactor technology that produces 3D cultures based on the principle of clinorotation, which is defined as the abolition of gravitational force by slow rotation around one or two axes.

RCCS is a dynamic system that suspends cells without mechanical damage and allows cells to easily aggregate into a 3D spheroid with a sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen. RCCS can also be used for co-cultivation of several types of cell cultures, cells can be cultured with or without the use of various scaffolds.

It is the first bioreactor system designed to simultaneously integrate the ability to co-cultivate cells and features low shear (and consequently low turbulence) and high nutrient transfer to cells. Together, these properties promote spheroid formation and cell proliferation in three-dimensional spheroids.

Two types of bioreactors: disposable 3D bioreactors and autoclavable 3D bioreactors

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