SiRNA & shRNA Gene Silencers

RNAi (RNA interference): The combination of small fragments of nucleotide molecules with complementary mRNAs leads to degradation of the mRNA and gene knockdown. The Santa Cruz RNAi system includes siRNA, shRNA Plasmid and shRNA Lentiviral particles. The product line covers more than 99% mouse and human protein-coding genes.

siRNA gene silencers
consist of three to five pairs of 19-25nt (nucleotide), and the concentration of 10µM can provide 50-100 transfections

shRNA plasmid DNA
uses Hi promote to make shRNA stable and continuous performance. With puromycin resistant, antibiotics can be used for screening

shRNA Lentiviral particles
use viral infection to enter cells

Common Q&A

Q1: What are the main differences between shRNA Lentiviral Particles and shRNA Plasmids?
A1: shRNA Lentiviral Particles use viral infection to enter cells. It is recommended to use primary cells that are not easy to transfect.

Q2: Are the siRNA and shRNA sequences identical?
A2: Yes

Q3: How to confirm the effect of transfection?
A3: The transfection or transduction efficiency can be confirmed by the green fluorescence of copGFP plasmid (sc-108083) and copGFP Lentiviral Particles (sc-108084)

Q4: What is the difference between the shRNA plasmid item number (h) and (h2)?
A4: (h) and (h2) are used to silence the same gene, but the sequence is different.

Q5: Can you provide the sequence of siRNA or shRNA?
A5: Yes, just provide the batch number after ordering!

Q6: Can lentiviral vector plasmid be amplified by itself?
A6: No

Q7:shRNA contains 3-5 plastids? Can they be purchased separately?
A7: The original factory currently only provides siRNA sequences for purchase separately

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